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At Studio Schrofer we design contemporary furniture for the ever-changing lifestyle of the aesthetically conscious consumer. Frans Schrofer is a Dutchman. Here in The Netherlands, Frans was taught to value simplicity, practicality, candor and resourcefulness. His contemporary furniture designs, are rooted in these values. As his vision has expanded from The Netherlands to all corners of the globe. His goal is to engage in a dialogue not only between designer and manufacturer, but ultimately, designer and craftsman. We offer a complete package of furniture designs that includes you in every phase of product development, manufacturing and presentation, whether that entails collaborating with your R&D teams, prototyping, product extension development or marketing.


We believe in giving back, whether to Mother Earth or the society that nurtures us. We hate waste. We love fun.

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Studio Schrofer

Frans Schrofer designs contemporary furniture with a twist. Unexpected forms and unconventional approaches, all the while focused on function, aesthetics and ergonomics. From couches and chairs to tables and lighting, our designs work in the home and in the work place. And even into the wild with our fresh perspective on garden furniture.

Schrofer Design Home

For generations, the Schrofer family has actively shared their knowledge, skills, and talents. The Schrofer Design Home continues this tradition. Frans Schrofer will present to you his curated mix of art and designs (father Willem Schrofer painter, brother Jurriaan graphic designer and uncle Jan furniture designer) from the past with furniture and home accessories of the present. In this way, we at Studio Schrofer pay tribute to our Schrofer forefathers and wow them with the innovations of the new generation.

Caruzzo is our Award Winning Design

The Caruzzo seduces and entices with her svelte and muscular body. Her strong back and angular shoulders express a bold self- confidence. She is appreciated by those who work and play hard on the dangerous curves of life’s highways. Caruzzo comes in different colors to fit the requirements of home or office.

Caruzzo Relax Chair designed for Leolux by Studio Schrofer the Netherlands

Designed for Leolux

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