Frans Schrofer

Frans Schrofer’s trademark is designing contemporary furniture with a twist. Making unexpected forms, taking unconventional approaches. Keeping the function and aesthetics in mind, as well as ergonomics. From couches and chairs to tables and lighting. At home and in the work place. Extending boundaries between home and office, while bringing comfort, style and a fresh perspective to garden furniture.

Frans Schrofer

It's not about today.
Creativity is a small wonder and we need a new language of form that honours craftsmanship and generates designs that will outlast our time. Those who strive only for simplicity risk achieving nothing but uniformity.
- Frans Schrofer

Frans Schrofer

Philosophy & Passion

Frans Schrofer’s body of work reflects his respect for tradition as well as contemporary trends, with an eye toward the future. His love of nature, passion for speed and technology, attention to detail, energy and inspired dedication to maintaining high standards, set him apart. These qualities, which are at the heart of his company, Studio Schrofer, remain the guiding principle upon which he operates: creating tools for living. One aspect of Schrofer’s design philosophy stems from his personal passion for racing and for motor and frame construction which led to an early training in mechanics, and later formal education in electrical engineering. The strong technical background Schrofer brings to his company is key to developing furniture design concepts for clients.


Born into a family of artists and furniture designers, Frans Schrofer is the son of Willem Schrofer, beloved teacher at the Royal Dutch Art Acadamy and Co-Founder of the art movement “de Nieuwe Haagse School”; brother to Jurriaan Schrofer, a renown graphic designer; nephew of Jan Schröfer, a co-founder of the furniture manufacturing firm de Cirkel Groep (that merged with Ahrend in 1950s).


As a graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven (1983), Schrofer first worked in consumer and industrial packaging. Here he learned how materials, shape, colours, texture, could affect consumers buying decision. These were instrumental lessons in his career as furniture designer. By the late 80’s Schrofer had created several collections local manufacturers such as Young International, Hennie de Young, Metaform and Vepa, Scanlight. Schrofer shared his extensive knowledge in packaging and design as a teacher at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague from 1987 – 2001. Technological developments continue to be a source of inspiration for Schrofer, who often engineers his own innovative component parts.


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