How we work

Our credo: Hands on Design – Tools for Living. Our language of form communicates comfort and luxury. We work with craftsmen and technicians to sculpt ergonomic perfection. Our designs translate easily from the drafting board onto the factory floor and from the production line into the world of consumers.

how we work studio schrofer

Design Services

We offer complete furniture design packages that encompasses the involvement in every phase of product development, manufacturing and presentation. Do you want us to design for your collection?

Organic and Ergonomic

Frequently described as an “organic” and “ergonomic” designer we advocate a fully “hands on” method of design, employing computer models making and experimentation with various materials.

Technical background

The strong technical background that Schrofer brings to his company is key to developing furniture design concepts, creating models and engineering innovative component parts


Our source of inspiration comes from constant connection with global trends in technology, environment, new markets & products, art, fashion, music & cinema.


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