Our team

We love the energy generated from our cooperation with craftsmen specialising in wood, metal, leathers, fabrics, and synthetics. We thrive on the challenges in markets, economies, and industries. Our designs evolve and improve with marketing involvement and management supervision to create design classics over and over again.

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Frans Schrofer


As the son of two classically-trained painters, Frans chose his own path using speed, technology and design. His early technical education in auto mechanics, metalwork, mechanical and electrical engineering laid a solid foundation for his studies at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Packaging design taught him the importance of line, shape, color and texture to evoke a human response. These qualities established his global vision for Studio Schrofer’s designs, which engages a dialogue between designer and manufacturer, as well as designer and craftsmen.


Sonia Sin

Chief Cheer Leader

Sonia Sin joined the company in 1995 and formally became partner in 1999. Married to Frans Schrofer since 1992, her duties extend well beyond anything her international experience in fashion branding and, marketing could have prepared Sonia to do. She’s the beating heart of the organisation helps the company expand its client base, geographic range and product.


Chiel Janssen


Chiel Janssen, a graduate of IPO/The Hague University, joined Studio Schrofer in 2008. He is detail oriented, organized, quality driven and focussed. He thrives on complex design issues and stays the course till the job is done. Fluent in several computer languages, production techniques and materials, Chiel understands the properties needed for designing beautiful and ergonomically perfect indoor and outdoor furniture.


Stephanie Khouw


Stephanie Khouw, a cum laude graduate of the Delft University of Technology, joined the Studio Schrofer team in 2001. Her international background combined with her technical education, organizational skills and talents in styling are instrumental in addressing complex design issues, understanding the customer needs and designing products suitable for their production facilities and target market distribution.